It is impossible not to turn your head back when a Lamborghini passes you by. This is a perfect example for Isaac Newton`s Third Law -- every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The Italian car is a charismatic type of vehicle and there are few people in this world who can resist it. Anyway, the video you are about to see has something to do with a Lambo but in a slightly different way. The recording below features a vessel that merges ground speed synonym and water speed synonym into one! Take another look at the Lamborghini boat! It is a Lambo convertible on water! Sounds incredible, right?

The interior of this super boat is the same like the interior of a Lambo car! Moreover, this footage is taken mostly from the people riding in this Lamborghini boat. This allows you to feel the power that this beast unleashes! It has the obligation to justify the name it carries! And it does so, by overtaking every other boat on its way! Without a doubt, this vessel is the major attraction at the Poker Run Tampa!

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