Subaru Impreza DRIFT & DONUTS On Parking Lot!

Drifting and doing donuts is one of the main source of pleasure for every Gearhead and hardcore car enthusiast. No matter whether you are good at it or not, I`m sure that there is not even one among us who had not tried to do a little drifting and donuts on his own. Other people (`normal` people) look at it as unnecessary tire shredding and even waste of time. But what they do not realize is that drifting is simply one of those things that guys like us enjoy the way basketball players enjoy slam dunks! What we have here, in the video below, is a Subaru Impreza drift action, going a little bit wild, doing donuts, and create clouds of smoke on an empty parking lot.

And as I`m sure you know it well, that is also the reason why we, at, keep on showing you different video clips with regular guys who are having fun, shredding tires and creating clouds of smoke, as well as clips with professionals, when we have a chance to learn something new, pick up some tricks, and of course, to have fun!

We haven`t got any info about the car, but that will not stop us enjoying his pretty good performance. Check out the Subaru Impreza drift action!

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