These Two Guys Set Out To Make The Fastest Hot Tub In The World!

It took them six years to get it right, but these two engineers might have just completed the fastest hot tub car in the world. Six years ago, they bought this 1969 Cadillac Coupe DeVille and they made wonders happen with it. First, they stripped the frame and reinforced it so that it would be able to hold the extra weight of all the water. After that, they modified the suspension and gave the car a brand new look. Also, they built a custom fiberglass tub to fit the inside of the car perfectly, and it sure looks incredible!

Not only does this car look awesome, it also has some awesome features. It`s got a pool pump and filter in the trunk which takes care of the water component, but the engine also contributes – it warms up the water up to 102 degrees Fahrenheit! These guys now plan to race the aptly named “Carpool DeVille” on the Boneville speedway in Utah and they want to make this car the prized record holder of the land speed best result for fastest hot tub in the world. I wish them good luck and I hope that someday this type of cars will be mass produced so we can all have a swim while driving.

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