The FAST 8 Film Conquers The Streets Of Manhattan, NYC! Automotive Valhalla In This New Behind-The-Scenes Video & Photos!

The Fast and Furious crew stormed into NYC for a couple of days of wild filming. Unfortunately, Vin Diesel, Michele Rodriguez, Dwayne Johnson, Ludacris and Tyrese Gibson weren`t present. On the bright side, all of their heroic cars were! All of the major cars included in the Fast 8 film were spotted wheeling and rumbling around eminent Manhattan locations.

Fast 8 Film Manhattan NYC Behind Scenes Video Photos 5

There were a couple of racing sequences on West Side Highway with three camera cars and three helicopters following along to film the frenzied action. Among the cars following were the notorious Mercedes-Benz ML63 and the fantastic Pursuit Porsche Cayenne. Afterwards the action was shifted to Fifth Avenue where up to five blocks were blocked.

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