Get Inside The Factory That Creates Mercedes-Benz C Class Cars!

It`s a unique opportunity to see great vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz C Class cars being created. This video shows every single thing that happens between the shell getting to the factory, to the car leaving the factory. First, they paint it with a few layers of paint and then polish it until it`s nice and shiny. A team of workers looks for any imperfections, and then the machines start installing equipment. Windshield and interior parts are slowly put in with perfect precision. The use of robotics is amazing as the majority of the entire process is completed without any human hands-on approach!

However, interior and decoration is fine, but then it`s the engine`s turn to enter its new home. With all of the little interior parts being added by hand and all of the other parts mounted skillfully by these German workers, this factory is sure to be successful with the Mercedes-Benz C Class cars. Who wouldn`t want to buy one of them, come on! They look awesome, and by the time they roll out from the factory, they become the dream of every man, child and manchild in the world. The final touch is the recognizable Mercedes logo on the front of the hood, and these cars are ready for the shop!

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