Watching This Guy Produce A Perfect AMG Assembly Is So Satisfying!

The AMG engines are some of the best built and most impressive in the world, and it takes real skill and dedication to master the process of putting them together. This guy is so good that he actually makes AMG assembly look easy, like all you need to do is follow the manual.

Perfect AMG Assembly Is So Satisfying 2

However, we all know that`s not the case and that there are a lot of delicate finesses that you really need to care about in order for everything to work as perfectly as it does in the end. The engineer doing the assembling has to have his mind completely focused on the incredibly complex task at hand – you can`t just follow a manual and expect to create the perfectly crafted AMG engine.

For engineers and seasoned car mechanics, watching something like this AMG assembly video is probably pure bliss – you`ll love it! For us, it`s just breathtaking to watch how all of those little pieces fall perfectly into place as the guy lubes them up and places them almost effortlessly in their position.

If just one of those little metal pieces wasn`t oiled right or wasn`t locked into place, the entire thing would fall apart, but seeing as this is AMG we`re talking about, we can, with relative ease and certainty say that the specific engine made in this video is going to last a long, long time.

There are tons of people in the comments saying how he does this or that wrong, but I say – if that guy didn`t know what he was doing, he wouldn`t be working in one of the most prestigious engine assembly facilities in the world, right?

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