This Is How F1 Teams Earn Their Money Each Season!

We have always been amazed whenever we hear about the amount of money certain people earn during the course of a single year. However, there has always been that dilemma inside us that made us wonder how exactly F1 teams earn their money and how much do they earn during a single season. Well, it is time to find out the answer. Before we begin, the difference between the top and the bottom earning teams in F1 is absolutely huge. It is 10 times more! However, the explanation is not simple so stay focused.

This Is How F1 Teams Earn Their Money Each Season 11

There are many factors that go along throughout the season, which eventually add on to the bill. However, F1 teams do in fact get paid $36 million if their team has been classified over two in the past three seasons.

Haas was the only F1 team that failed to do so in 2017. Further on, F1 teams also get paid each season depending on their classification of the last season. For example, Mercedes got a massive $61 million on their check, whereas the third team, in this case Ferrari, got $41 million. But it does not stop here hence this was just the first round.

We move on to the second where money comes from three different streams. Yes, F1 teams get even more money from different sources, the first one being LST (Long-Standing Team).

Only Ferrari was the team that got this budget of $68 million. Make sure to see everything about the way these teams earn their money!