F-18 Aircraft Takes Off From The Highway! What Is The Speed Limit On This Highway?

Yes, it is true! In this video you can see how a real F-18 Aircraft takes off from the highway! Some will say that the highway is just a dangerous spot for landing and taking off, but this launch here is just a normal procedure which is taking part in the regular training sessions. Several countries have the practice to execute taking offs and landings on unusual locations that are later used in situations when airports are not available. This assignment follows the several attacks on popular airports around the world that occurred during the past years. The main idea is to acquire the pilots with the necessary skills to perform a safe and successful launch and take off based on unknown locations for the potential enemies.

Such is the example with this location from where we got a great video of how a real F-18 aircraft takes off from the highway. Anyone who has served in the West Germany in the 60’s and 70’s has probably seen this several times. This kind of training has also happened in the past in other countries, especially those which are part of Scandinavia. Therefore, some roads are made with special elements so they can endure aircraft weight. The thickness of the asphalt is also increased for better landing. However, the main thing that bothers us is the speed limit on this highway! 🙂 Any idea about it?

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