EXTREMELY LOUD High Performance Power Boat By Nor-Tech! Get Ready To Fall In LOVE!

People are easily divided into two simple groups, ones who like noise and others who do not. Now, if you consider yourself as a member of the second group you might want to put earplugs. And if you happen to like some high quality engine noise, then you have come to the right place! Also, if you are a boat lover, you`ve hit bingo! The video you are about to watch features one high performance power boat which produces the most astonishing sound ever! It is literally the music for every gearhead!

We are talking about the boat nicknamed SUPERCAT made by Nor-Tech. This vessel has been spotted at Lake Havasu in Arizona, at Pirate Cove. Feel free to tell us something more about this vessel if any of you has been fortunate enough to be at this place when this high performance boat was there!

Unfortunately, we do not have any additional information regarding the performance and the machine powering this vessel, but if you know something more, don`t hesitate to enlighten us! However, the least we can do is guess. Judging by the sound, this SUPERCAT is most likely to be equipped with two V8 engines that could possibly deliver up to 1000 horsepower. And if we are not wrong (fingers crossed) this vessel by Nor-Tech might have a top speed of more than 120 mph!

Wish we could see it in action! Seems like this high performance power boat is a phantom in terms of specifications! At least for us. This does not have to be true for you, or for the owner and the people who were lucky to see it in person. Anyway, don`t think twice before reaching for the volume control panel of your sound systems because this boat by Nor-Tech has a sound that needs to be respected!

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