DIY Extreme Dent Removal Technique with Guaranteed Results!

Having dents in our cars caused by various factors is something common. Though they will not affect on the cars` performance, they can be very annoying and ruin the cars` appearance. Many techniques were developed in the past on how to fix these dents in our cars, but the most extreme dent removal demonstration, and surely the one with the best results is shown by Jake Quintin from F1Dents.

Extreme Dent Removal Technique 4

He removes a narrow dent on the front right door on a Mercedes A class. The whole process of removing the dent requires several techniques.

He begins by inspecting it and seeing where the dent begins and where it ends. He then places a bright light to help him find all the creases. With the help of a strong adhesive he glues little red tabs right on the dent and with a tool, he pulls up the tabs which return the basic shape of the area. Then from the window channel he slit up a bar and pushed the dent from the inside of the door. With several taps and adjustments he finally manages to completely finish the dent and as a final touch he polishes it leaving a smooth area. A perfect demonstration of this extreme dent removal.

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