EXTREME DENT REMOVAL! This Guy Repairs A Dent Perfectly Without Damaging The Car!

Taking care of your car is probably the most essential thing for any gearhead. Nobody wants their car to look bad. One of the most common problems that can alter the car appearance is car dents. Having dents on your car can be incredibly annoying, but we are here to help out! We are sharing a video of an extreme dent removal, which will definitely teach you how to get rid of the pesky dents! This process has 4 steps and it only takes 10-15 minutes to get the dent completely fixed. It requires tools that everyone has at home and everyone can do it!

As you can see in the video, a Mini One has a huge dent right above the rear tire. The first step is removing the car tail light, so he can have room to focus on the dent. After the light is removed, the focus is shifted towards the dent! You will need patience to remove it, but it is worth it! This guy uses a hair dryer to heat up the area of the dent, and a metal rod to apply pressure from the inside. Watch the video of the extreme dent removal to find out the final two steps!

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