Unusual Engine Technology! 5 Unknown Engines You Must Hear About!

While it looks like the engine technology is evolving along a defined and certain lineage, sometimes, engineers tend to take completely different directions. Some of them are taking a different route and trying out unconventional ideas in order to make engines more efficient. Sometimes these ideas work, but sometimes, they go down in the heap of failed ideas. This compilation of 5 unknown engines offer up a bit of both. With engines like the five-stroke engine, the Duke and the cool free piston engine, we have a list that most certainly has interesting ideology behind these machines. Some of them are even offering up a bunch of benefits.

Nevertheless, with these engine technology, there always some downsides that are the real reason why these engines are not mass-produced. Some of the engines are more interesting than useful. However, that doesn`t have to mean that this is a bad thing. The peculiar concepts behind the building of these power plants delivers a brand new perspective on how the different engine technologies involved could work. Watch the video below that gives us a full rundown of five crazy engine concepts that you may`ve never heard of. Who knows, with more work on these designs, conventional engine layouts could be replaced with ideas like you can see in the video.

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