Endless Nissan Skyline R34 Sound As Well As a Brutal Start!

Check out this amazing tuned Nissan Skyline R34 Sound and Furious Start on the street! The guy drives it as it should be driven! It looks like this thing came from hell!

Nissan Skyline GTR R34 became one of the most favorite and wanted cars in America in a short period of time! There are many reasons for this, one of them, of course is its appearance in the 2 Fast 2 Furious movie driven by Paul Walker! Anyway, people that actually own these MONSTERS are probably the luckiest men on Earth! It is a good thing to know that there are men out there that know how to handle these! The video below will give you such example -- enjoy the DEMONIC SOUND of this NISSAN SKYLINE GTR R34! Check out this beast! It sounds really demonic and its very fast too! Nice and rich tune for sure! See it for yourself!

Anyway, have you ever considered stereo systems in your car?

Enjoy the video below!

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