Paul Walker’s Family Settled With The Man Who Stole 30 Cars From His Astonishing Car Garage!

Paul Walker`s sudden death in 2013, left the whole automotive community in shock! While most gearheads and F&F fans tried to come to terms with reality after the tragedy, one man allegedly went into action and purloined 30 cars from the Paul Walker car garage! The person behind this horrible activity was Richard Taylor! So, who is he? Richard Taylor is the guy who was responsible for the registration paperwork and for maintaining ownership of Walker’s huge car collection! Right after Paul Walker`s demise, Richard Taylor and his associates went to the warehouse in Los Angeles that housed most of Paul Walker`s vehicles! He went for this with the plan to extort money from late actor`s family! Normally, Paul Walker`s family sued Richard Taylor to get the valuable cars back. Now, both sides have come to an agreement!

But there is a catch! Not every car Richard Taylor took away from the warehouse will be returned to the actor`s family. Serious indications show that Richard Taylor has sold some of these cars for personal profit! You can see the Paul Walker car garage in a video by the You Tube channel – TheSmokingTire we have in store below! If you`ve never seen it before, we recommend to check that out because plainly said, the collection is immense! It includes numerous Japanese cars, like Nissan Silvias and Skylines! There is also a 2011 Porsche RS GT3, several BMW M3s and much more! The Paul Walker car garage is astonishing, and we hope it will give you the image about the seriousness of this case!

As we mentioned earlier, Paul Walker`s family is getting only a part of the luxurious cars back! Also, after Paul Walker`s unexpected death, the actor`s family has auctioned several cars from his collection. That’s all we have for now since Walker`s family attorney wouldn`t unveil any additional information regarding the settlement. So stay tuned!
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