Easy Upgrades to Improve Your Car’s Performance

Whether you have an older vehicle or one that`s brand new, there are many drivers who want to find effective ways or easy upgrades to boost their car`s performance. Does this sound like you? If so, you know there are a wide array of options out there, from new exhaust systems to the innovative TD42 turbo kit. However, how do you know which options are right for you? The fact is, there are some upgrades that are better than others when it comes to handling, performance, horsepower and more. Keep reading to learn about some of the top upgrades you can make to improve your vehicle`s capability.

New Tires

Is your goal to achieve better handling? If so, then a great place to begin is by investing in a new set of tires. While performance and power are good, if you don`t get a good grip from the rubber (which is the only thing touching the road), then all other performance upgrades are essentially for nothing.

It`s a good idea to choose wider tyres when possible as they improve road-holding, braking and turn-in precision. Be careful with how big you go, though, as the extra weight may overwhelm the springs and shock damping, which means that loose-surface tracking stability will be reduced.

New Spark Plugs

This is a component of your vehicle that you may overlook; however, new spark plugs are an affordable and easy change that can make a huge difference in how your vehicle performs.

The higher quality of the spark plug that you invest in, the better the combustion that`s achieved. With this in place, you can see dual benefits -- better fuel efficiency, as well as a significant increase in power. If you aren`t sure if your vehicle needs new spark plugs, then find out how to check them yourself, or you can take your vehicle to a mechanic and let them inspect it for you.

The ECU (Engine Control Unit) Flash

Your vehicle`s ECU is actually set up in the factory. Its primary job is to control the mixture of fuel and air in your engine. If this mix is off, then it can reduce your vehicle`s power and efficiency.

The issue is that many manufacturers will program the ECU`s parameters much lower than what the car is actually capable of. This is a sort of safety net. If you reprogram the ECU, then you can easily unlock all types of performance boots. In some situations, you may even begin to get better fuel efficiency.

Install a Cold Air Intake

Did you know your car “breathes?” It does, and the better it is able to breathe, the better it is going to run. With a cold air intake, you can help to free up the air that is flowing to your engine. With this component in place, you will also have more condensed air to the engine, which can provide a significant boost to overall performance.

A High Flow Exhaust

Essentially, your vehicle`s exhaust system is the “waste” gate of your vehicle`s entire respiratory system. However, when you have a free-flowing exhaust, it can help to reduce pressure on the engine. In return, you will see a small increase in overall horsepower. For many, the better engine sound is also a nice side effect of this upgrade.

If you are ready to boost your vehicle`s performance, then you should consider the upgrades found here. Doing so will help you improve a wide array of vehicle performance areas, including handling, performance, fuel efficiency and more. If you aren`t sure what`s right for your vehicle, then speak to your mechanic.