DUSTLESS BLASTING Machine That Strips The Paint Of Your Car! MUST HAVE!

When you build a car and come to the process of painting you know that you are close to the finish. Painting a car also is one of the sweetest things to do while building a car because the paintjob completes the character image of the vehicle. However, we have been in situations where you have to strip the paint of your car, due to various reasons, and it is not the easiest nor the cheapest thing do to! That`s why we have a video for you showing one remarkable machine that can remove the multi-layer paintjob of your car in less than 60 minutes!

Yet we cannot guarantee that it is the most lucrative solution to choose, but you don`t have to leave the comfort of your home for that cost! Namely, we are referring to the DB500 Mobile DUSTLESS BLASTING machine which uses recycled bottle glass and water vapor in order to get the job done!

These two ingredients are both cheap and eco-friendly as well. Nonetheless, according to what we can see in the video, this dustless blasting way of stripping the paint from your car is truly the fastest, easiest and also cleanest! In other words, it can strip a car`s paint in less than an hour, it is easy to use and does not make mess. You can see in the video that after finishing the driver`s side of the car there is very little water on the ground around the vehicle.

That is because most of it vaporizes when touches the car. In addition, this particular 1963 Chevrolet Impala has been treated with several layers: paint, primer and body filler. But they do not represent an obstacle for the DB500 Mobile dustless blasting machine! And now about the costs. The narrator says that they spent only $60 for six bags of recycled glass and made a profit of $1000, which for us is highly costly. What about you?

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