DUAL FLAMETHROWER: Two Aventadors Firing Out Flames!

What is better than a Lamborghini Aventador? TWO DUAL FLAMETHROWER V12 LAMBORGNI AVENTADORS side by side accompanied by an Aston Martin! What is even better than that? They are not just standing there and doing nothing, actually totally the opposite! They are revving their engines while flames are coming out of the exhaust pipes! While these three automobiles are on a promenade, we can notice couple of other supercars too. The scene takes place in London near Harrods when they started to create a lot of drama with these beautiful beasts. This is probably among the best revving sounds we have ever heard!

Therefore, we encourage you to slightly increase the volume of you sound devices, because if you turn it up very much you might get jealous.

Finally, you must see this insane flamethrower on this link! 

Enjoy the video below!

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