Driving Nissan GT-R With a Play Station Controller!

We live in a time where the technology is as advanced as it can get. This enabled us to make some awesome inventions which we use to have fun with, unlike any other we have previously seen. The Play Station is surely one of those inventions and we enjoy spending lots of time on it playing games. But you could have never guessed that we can use that same Play Station controller for driving Nissan GT-R while flying in a helicopter, right? None of us could have made that assumption, but it is actually true and we check out this video in which we see how this piece of awesomeness looks like.

Driving Nissan GT-R With PS Controller Is Actually Possible 2

Namely, this young boy used to spend lots of time in front of his Play Station playing racing games. This is where he decided to take advantage of his awesome racing skills in the virtual world and compete in a tournament in which the grand prize would be to steer a Nissan GT-R with e Play Station controller. After awhile, Jann Mardenborough went on winning the GT Academy, thus getting this awesome reward.

Though he says that he is afraid from the helicopter, it was finally time for some great fun. He is actually driving Nissan GT-R and it looked absolutely awesome. We even see footage from how this amazing system works inside the car. They had to do lots of wiring and engineering to get this masterpiece done. What do you think, is this the best way to play with a PS controller?

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