Drivers Have Spoken, these are the Best Highways in Florida

When most people think of Florida, sun and sand come to mind. However, car enthusiasts know that the state is one of the best places in the country for cruising with its long and (mostly) straight interstates and the back roads. Sure, if you live in Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, or Tampa, you might not enjoy the roads that much. But if you get a chance try to cruise on the Courtney Campbell Causeway in the early morning hours on a Sunday when there is no traffic, then you will know that there are some fantastic roads even in the metropolitan areas. It does not matter if you own a muscle car, or if you have a two-stroke classic, these are the best highways in Florida.

Drivers Have Spoken these are the Best Highways in Florida 2

Did You Know?

The state has designated 26 roads as “scenic highways.” These roads include 70 miles of the Tamiami Trail as well as parts of A1A, and many are close to where you live. What is excellent about these roads is that it gives you a chance to experience everything that Florida has to offer, from the southern charm of Tallahassee to the Everglades.

Highway 98

Running along the panhandle, this road has been in the crosshairs of several hurricanes in recent years. Road crews have worked hard to keep this vital road open, which also means that it is a great place to drive. Some of the natural sites along the route include St. George Island and Wakulla Springs State Park in Apalachicola.

Clearwater Memorial Causeway

You might not think that the Clearwater Memorial Causeway would be a great place to drive, and that is because of its reputation for traffic. But in the offseason, this is one of the most picturesque roads on the gulf coast. Separating downtown Clearwater from the beach, this road is only 3.5 miles long, but it gets you over Clearwater Bay.

By the way, when you get out to the beach, you might want to cruise along Gulf Boulevard, which separates Clearwater Beach from Sand Key Park as this is another stunning drive over the water.

Venetian Causeway

Heading south, another causeway that you should check out is the Venetian Causeway. What sets this elevated Florida road apart is that it is so close to sea level. As such, you want to drive it before rising tides limit the times when the road will be open.

Besides the construction of the road, you can view some of the most luxurious houses in South Florida from this historic causeway. Also, do not forget the mini bridges connecting the small island around Sunset Harbor.

Just make sure that you keep your eyes on the road while you are on this stunning stretch of road, or you will need to reach out to the Parkland car accident lawyers at Zimmerman & Frachtman or another firm in the area to help you deal with the aftermath of your accident.

Alhambra Circle

Heading over to Coral Gables, one road known for its incredible views is Alhambra Circle. Home to the famous water tower and the Biltmore golf course, this road gives you a glimpse back in time to a more gentile era when Florida was the winter retreat for the well-heeled society types seeking refuge from winters in Boston and New York. 

While you are down in Coral Gables, you will also want to check out Granada Boulevard. There is something about Coral Gables and the Moorish street names, but they are all winners.

South Bayshore Drive

If you want to be seen, South Bayshore Drive is the place to roll on a beautiful afternoon or evening. Before the pandemic, the street was alive as people shopped and dined, and while 2020 has put a dent into that, things will get back to normal in short order.
As such, this is one street you will want to keep in mind as you show off your classic car to the world.

Nestled in a Coconut Grove, South Bayshore Drive is a great way to check out the architecture in one of the most picturesque neighborhoods in Miami.  While you are down there, make sure to drive by the coast as you will see a rare sight in low-lying South Florida – a limestone ridge. Also swing by the Vizcaya Museum & Gardens.

Old Cutler Road

When the traffic is not bad, you can take this road from Homestead all the way Downtown. The best place to hop on is at Cocoplum Circle and then drive through the banyan trees towards South Miami and Pinecrest before you end up at the Charles Deering Estate Park. This road has something for everyone, and if you are looking to take the family out for a cruise, this might be one of the best highways in the entire state.