Ferrari LaFerrari Is For Sale In Florida For A Huge Price! Get The Vehicle In Florida For $4.700.000!

2014 ferrari laferrari 2drcoupe 9

If you want to have a new Ferrari LaFerrari in your garage, it`s gonna cost you an arm and a leg! The Italian automaker charged $1.35 million for every one of these luxury vehicles which are 499 in total! However, you probably know that speculators will be charching much more! This is the Florida listing.

2014 ferrari laferrari 2drcoupe 5

Fort Lauderdale Collection South is lucky enough to have one Ferrari LaFerrari for sale in their salons! However, they seem to charge a much higher price for it than Ferrari themselves asked for it -- $4.700.000, which is three times more! Take a look at the gallery below and see whether it`s worth giving $4.7M!