Drag Race: BMW M760Li vs Skoda Superb 280!

According to many, purchasing the more expensive car is always a better choice hence the money are well-worth it for the quality. But, is it always so, do you really get what you are supposed to get for such large amount of money? Well, stay tuned hence in this video we take a look at a comparison test between two big and comfortable cars, the BMW M760Li V12 and the Skoda Superb 280. Even though at first glance both cars are in fact similar, the difference in their price is immense. You can get the Skoda Superb 280 for around 35,000 pounds, whereas the mighty BMW M760Li is going to cost you whooping $135,000, which is actually its starting price.

Drag Race BMW M760Li vs Skoda Superb 280 2

Keep in mind that the sum can only get bigger. Hereby, it was time to see whether the money is well worth it into couple of different tests. First of all we check out a drag race between them. They both have an all wheel drive and a launch control, but as it can be seen in the video, the BMW is much faster.

German car manages to grab the victory in just 11.3 seconds, whereas it took 13.4 seconds for the Skoda Superb to do the same. Then in the following test we see whether the mightier car can keep up with the Skoda in a more realistic scenario. Eventually, it seems that the Superb was simply way too fast.

Check the video for more and see which one is better!