BMW DONUTS For The Newlyweds In The Middle Of The FREEWAY!

Today’s special? BMW donuts. As we get older, we encounter various important moments and we have to make difficult decisions. These are times when we need support both from our family and friends. Because later, when the right choice is made, the joy is even bigger. Especially if you share it. Therefore, the happiest days of our lives occur in the presence of our closest people. Undoubtedly, one such day is definitely the wedding day. The day when you exchange the vows with your beloved one, and the family as well as friends are there to make everything more special.

Today`s video features one such event, but seen from a different perspective. This wedding took place in the city spread on two continents – Istanbul. Although this may be an original idea, there is a down side too. It is rather inconsiderate to block the highway and hold other people up. Anyway, the couple and their friends are driving on the highway when they start decreasing the speed and stop. They “properly” block the highway for a brief BMW spectacle. Then, the bride and the groom go out of the car and stand in the middle of the highway, while one of their friends is making BMW donuts around them!

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