What do you say about one little trip to the other side of the planet and visit one of the best hill climb events on the Middle East? You bet we are in! Actually, the video you are about to see features a ride from the 2015 Lebanese Hill Climb Championship! More precisely, Michel Zgheib`s third and final run in the SM4 class. This BMW hill climb proves that car enthusiasts are everywhere in the world and we are more than happy to see such events organized throughout the planet!

Michel Zgheib managed to win three out of three races in his class and the footage below presents his third and final hill climb. He showed that he is the best in class! The Lebanese Hillclimb Championship is dominated by Paul Kossaifi and Garo Haroutiounian. However, thanks to Michel Zgheib and his fantastic BMW hill climb that granted him 3 victories that may very well change in the future! Michel Zgheib is definitely the guy everyone should watch out for!

And now probably the most important piece information – the car itself. This driver climbed at the top of the pedestal with the help of a BMW 316i. We don`t know exactly what kind of an engine is running under the hood. According to the sound we are going to give a guess. The sound indicates that it is not an inline 4, but an inline 6! So, we guess that under the hood of this BMW 316i is a very powerful M3 E36 engine! Whatever the case, we were amazed by the overall performance of this BMW hill climb! Also, it wouldn`t be bad idea if you increase the volume up, because this vehicle has what it takes! In addition, this video is recorded from various angles during the ride and includes a passenger view camera as well!

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