Dodge Tomahawk VS Dodge Viper! + Test Drive VIDEO! You Don’t Want To Mess Around With This Motorcycle!

Hello there! Ready for another AMAZING drag race?! Oh, boy, do we have some interesting opponents! We have the fastest sports car on the road today – the DODGE VIPER! On the other hand we have its sibling – the unique DODGE TOMAHAWK bike ! These vehicles have a lot in common, starting – the power plant! The one of a kind custom bike is ready to compete with one of the fastest sports cars on the road! According to the video, this Dodge Tomahawk bike can run up to 400 mph, which is hard to believe… On the other hand, it is fueled by the same engine as the Dodge Viper. The bike has a lot less weight, and it is equipped with a car engine. We can only wonder what it is capable of, but we can say that is FAST! A Dodge Tomahawk vs Dodge Viper showdown happening was only a matter of time!

Anyway, the guys are going to stage a DRAG RACE between these two where we will see how well they perform in situations like this one! All cards are on the table. While the Tomahawk weights less, the Viper has a better Contact Patch! So, it is going to be a very interesting race! Both of the vehicles have a few things in common. They both boast the same engine. Both machines also have 4 wheels. This is a norm for cars, but you don`t get to see 4 wheeled bikes very often! Even better, a 4 wheeled bike racing a sports car! We don`t know about you, but this Dodge Tomahawk vs Dodge Viper race is something we wouldn`t want to miss! Many things can happen, but there can only be one winner! Who do you think would emerge as the faster vehicle between these two powerful machines?

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