Dodge Chargers: Through the Years

When it comes to muscle cars, the Dodge Charger is one of the greats. People who love classic cars continue to be impressed by these cars, even all these years later. Having said that, there is a range of Dodge Charger models that have been created over the years and not all of them have received the same level of admiration. Throughout the years of Dodge Chargers being manufactured, there have been some major highlights, as well as some disappointments. 

A used Dodge Charger is always being sought out by car lovers. So, let`s take a look at the various Dodge Charger iterations that have been made over multiple decades. 

1966 -- 1967

Fans of muscle cars initially weren`t too impressed with the original Dodge Charger. However, the original model has now become famous and sought out by collectors all across the world. The coupe includes a sleek design that people at car auctions have been loving. 

It`s difficult to imagine how the original dodge charger model wasn`t beloved by car enthusiasts all those years ago. 

1968 -- 1970 

The Dodge Charger that was available between 1968 and 1970 became incredibly famous after featuring in Steve McQueen`s movies, as well as the Fast & Furious movies. The sleek design of this coupe makes it difficult to ignore. 

This model came with plenty of torque and an incredible amount of power, especially the ones that came with a V8 engine. It provides 426hp which is plenty for car lovers to have fun with. 

In addition to this, the Dodge Charger was used in NASCAR races where they added some additional features. The NASCAR version of the Dodge Charger included a nose cone that had been extended and a large wing at the rear.

This was effective at boosting the car`s overall aerodynamics. The overall performance of the car was fantastic. Furthermore, the headlights were large yet remained hidden which added to the sleek design. The interior was also comfortable to drive around in. 

The 1968-1970 model is without a doubt one of the most famous versions of the Dodge Charger. 

1971 -- 1974

During the 1970s, the industry for muscle cars took a hit. This was due to the change in the industry where emissions became more important. 

Although, the Dodge Charger was one of the few muscle cars that still managed to come out on top compared to other muscle cars. The body of the car had been revised but it still remained sleek in its looks. 

They also replaced the engine with a 400 cubic inch engine while still giving car lovers the appeal of driving a fast vehicle with a powerful V8 engine. 

The buying habits when it came to cars began to change in the 1970s too. People began to look towards cars that had more of a luxury appeal.

1975 -- 1978

The 1975-1978 model of the Dodge Charger was one of the more disappointing attempts by the car manufacturer. Muscle car lovers were initially perplexed by how the width and length of the car had been extended.

It took away slightly from the sleekness that was available with previous models. The V8 engines were also made to be more eco-friendly, which meant that the horsepower was dragged down to the 225 mark. 

They were attempting to create a car that fits into the luxury line of vehicles that were becoming popular during the time, but muscle car fans weren`t loving it.

1983 -- 1987

During the years of 1983-1987, Dodge was struggling to keep afloat and had to do anything to remain in business. This meant doing what corporations wanted -- and that included smaller and more affordable cars. 

Dodge had to also work with automakers that licensed the technology to their engines that had more fuel-efficient designs. At the beginning of this era, humble Volkswagen and Peugeot engines were included.

However, by 1985, a four-cylinder, 2.2-liter turbocharged system had been implemented under the hood. This boosted the power of the Dodge Charger to 146hp. This was still disappointing compared to the kind of power that Dodge started out with. But among the fuel efficiency landscape, it was still a good change nonetheless. 

2006- 2010

The Dodge Charger took a break from the public eye and didn`t manufacture new models for almost two decades. That was until 2006 when they unveiled their 4-door sedan.

It`s safe to say that the release of this model was a shock to some people, and not in a good way. Having said that, this version of the Dodge Charger tried to win people over by including two Hemi engines with SRT-8 features, along with lots of horsepower. 

The 4-door design was always something that would stand in the way for many muscle car enthusiasts. But the power and trim levels behind the vehicle gave some muscle car users who were skeptical a reason to give this model a chance. 

2011 -- 2020

The 2011 -- 2020 model of the Dodge Charger introduced the incredible Hellcat drivetrain. This produced a total of 707hp and lots of torque. Not to mention, they went and fitted a V8 engine with a 6.2-liter capacity. 

This provides muscle car lovers with the kind of power that they had been missing from Dodge for decades. 

Some people weren`t fans of the 4-dor design but the Hellcat drivetrain system and engine power wasn`t something that they could easily overlook. Furthermore, you`re given the opportunity to have an all-wheel-drive feature added as well as other upgrades across the different trim options that are available. 


Whilst the Dodge Charger certainly had its ups and downs throughout the decades, it still remains one of the most famous muscle cars in the world. For many muscle car lovers, the Dodge Charger is still above the rest of the competition.

People who love muscle cars will always be at the very least intrigued by whatever Dodge continues to do with their models in the future.