Guy Creates The Perfect Hole For A Direct Fit Catalytic Converter On A Corvette Z06!

Direct fit catalytic converter and manifold converter are made to do the job without any extra adjustments to the exhaust system and the mount space. This technology is manufactured using the constraints and features specific to the car. These converters are available with their necessary accessories like pipe extensions, flanges and brackets. However, the direct fit converter is generally more expensive than the universal catalytic converter. Nevertheless, if you are a DIY enthusiast, this converter is the perfect option for you.

Perfect Hole Direct Fit Catalytic Converter Corvette Z06 1

We say this because if you are familiar with replacing catalytic converters then you`ll do the job perfectly without using the expensive tools and machinery that only car shops have. So, we recommend you to get this type of converter if your car has an exhaust that is OEM-styled or factory-fitted. If you compare the direct fit catalytic converter with the universal converters you`ll find out that the direct fit is more efficient for DIY projects. The universal ones require way more modifications done to the system. Even though universal converters are mainly less expensive than direct fit cat converters, they are way harder to install.

This video can attest to that as you can see how simply this guy just creates a hole with this magical gadget in order to install the direct fit catalytic converter on his great Corvette Z06. The direct fit converter became a worldwide accepted component for new vehicle models. This is an innovative device which significantly reduces carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides. The oxidations process manages to break down the hazardous composites into pretty harmless elements like carbon dioxide and water.

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