Corvette Salesman Spray Paints A 100K Corvette Z06 On The Showroom Floor!

You won`t believe what one car salesman that goes by the name of Mike Davenport did to a 100K Corvette Z06. You should definitely do not try this at home. In front of everyone at a Chevy dealership, he applied a black spray paint to a brand new Z06. The spray he applied to the high-dollar Corvette is a Krylon Dual Superbond paint. He did this to showcase and possibly promote a product called Xzilon that is now available for automotive use. This product was originally invented for airplanes to apply around the small chrome pieces. This guy waits for the paint to dry completely before applying this product.

The gearheads from the Corvette community and other high-dollar car communities know that from time to time someone can get jealous and spray paint someone`s car. So, if this happens, Mike Davenport says that it`s very simple to remove the spray paint with a little bit of Xzilon. Xzilon`s original use is to prevent from bird droppings, bugs, acid rain oxidation, tree sap, UV rays and more. You can see how efficient Xzilon is in the video below and also you can notice that this video has not been cut. There are also a couple of onlookers around him watching in disbelief because this guy spray-painted a 100K Corvette.

On the other hand, here is how you DO NOT spray your car with NOS!