ROLLS ROYCE Diesel Rotary Engine With 4 Rotors!

There have been some amazing breakthroughs when it comes to vehicles and their parts. These major breakthroughs have enabled for a huge progress and more powerful cars. Even though car manufacturing companies often chance or modify something, they very rarely make brand new engines. Rolls Royce decided to change this and make a brand new diesel rotary engine with four rotors! Yes, that is right. Diesel rotary engines are back, and they are back with a style. Hereby, we take a look at this video in which one of our favorite car guys, takes us through everything you need to know about it.

Diesel Rotary Engine With 4 Rotors By ROLLS ROYCE 2

Namely, Jason from Engineering Explained had drawn a wonderful picture on the black board that will help you understand the basic principle behind the functionality of these diesel rotary engines. So how did they put this engine together? Well, Wankel engines are in fact small and power dense, whereas diesel is more efficient. Hereby, there is one problem that Wankel engines face, that is the low compression ratio.

Even though this could have been boosted with many other solutions, the guys from Rolls Royce decided to do something utterly amazing. Namely, they placed yet another Wankel engine. Even though at first look the rotary engine might seem huge, in reality it is not so. Moreover, it is a direct injection system with 6 injection positions and 30x combustion chambers.

What do you think, is this latest Rolls Royce diesel rotary engine going to be successful? Thoughts?