This Detailed 1:4 Scale Bugatti Chiron Engine Costs $10,000!

We are all used to watching ridiculously fast and super expensive modern cars that always manage to amaze us. But there is one field in the world of speed and power that we have all enjoyed taking a look at even from out childhood, and that is the field of smaller scale models of various cars, trucks, motorcycles and engines. Literally every single and one of us owns such smaller scale model of a car that we have always dreamed of having it but never actually got the chance. Hereby we take a look at this extremely detailed and beautiful looking 1:4 scale model of a Bugatti Chiron engine.

The Most Detailed 1 4 Scale Bugatti Chiron Engine 2

This is an exact replica from the 8.0L V16 engine that produces whooping 1500 HP. It was built by Amalgam, a group of people that are absolute specialists when it comes to building such smaller scale models of expensive cars and their parts. Despite being away for 15 years, they still have not forgotten the way they should make this awesome smaller scale Bugatti Chiron engine.

It was made mostly from steel and pewter, this engine looks identical to the original one. It took the guys from Amalgam over 2,500 hours to design this masterpiece and over 220 hours to build it. But keep in mind that this “toy” is actually super expensive and is listed for sale for whooping $9365. This is extremely expensive for such item, but keep in mind that finding better one is impossible and you could own piece of ingenuity at home!

At last, if you want to own a small scale Bugatti Chiron, follow this link and treat yourself one!