Are We Seeing A Pefection?! Daddy Dave And His Chevy Nova In Action!

Once designing and building a car you need to break loose from all of the constrains that follow it. There are certain regulations and criteria that will create difficulties. But, it is in the power of the builder to overcome every single one of them. This is exactly something that Daddy Dave did when he designed a true monster. His brand new Goliath Chevy Nova 2.0 is really special and it will absolutely blow your mind. Even before we have had the chance to take a look at his car in action, but this is something different. This car will surely move the limits of what a super cool car should look like. We are lucky enough to take a look at what the car looks like from the inside. They are about to finish building the whole upgrade.

chevy nova action 1

As all of you know, the car previously had the 540 with a mighty blow through carb. However, this has significantly changed. Currently, the mighty Goliath Chevy Nova has a Proline 480x with a fuel injection and even a ProCharger. Combine all of this together and you get a car that basically has no limits. Moreover, as a cherry on the cake, they even upgraded the car with the Fueltech FT600. Even though the car is not completely finished, we can see the initial look of it. But we have all been waiting for the next part. That is listening the car in action. Its mighty roar is something that sounds flawless. There is not a single car in the world that can match the sound of it. Even Daddy Dave is absolutely fascinated by it and he just cannot get enough of it. We cannot wait to see it on the streets!

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Posted by Daddy Dave on Monday, January 22, 2018