Dad’s First Ride In 2JZ Lexus SC300!

Many super cars have emerged these recent years and we are living in a time where you could choose literary whatever you want to find in your car and one such super car is definitely the 2JZ Lexus SC300.

father dad First Ride In 2JZ Lexus SC300 3

This super car is fairly modified and its owner has spent years and years working on it until it was finally finished. That is why we check out the following video and see the reaction of the owners` dad while riding in the 2JZ Lexus SC300 for the first time. He mentions that he had driven his dad before in the S13 with 486 HP and he absolutely loved it. He says that his dad was old school and loved the classic V8 engines. But it was time for something brand new!

He took his dad from his home and the fun could begin. He seemed excited even from the start and wanted to see what this 2JZ Lexus SC300 with staggering 633 HP could do. Just minutes after and we can see that his dad loved the car but besides the excitement we can sense a bit of fear as his son was driving fairly fast. There is a GoPro mounted on the windshield filming his reaction.

As a bonus footage we see a ride together with his mom and she was excited as well. These parents must have had some fun with their son who is in love with the speed. What do you think, how good the Lexus actually is?

Finally, check out this mom’s reaction on the Tesla Autopilot. This is hilarious!