Custom Performance Exhaust Guide

If you are considering purchasing and installing a custom performance exhaust, then you need to know what you are looking for before parting with your hard-earned cash! Standard exhaust systems are restrictive because car manufacturers have strict guidelines about what they can and can`t produce. However, when you come to tuning your car engine, you will need to install a system that reduces the restrictions and allows you to enjoy your car to its fullest.

Custom Performance Exhaust Guide 2

To help, we have come up with some of the most important points that you need to consider when you decide to make a purchase; check them out below and feel confident when you buy!

Aftermarket Exhaust System Components

Installing a new exhaust is not as simple as buying a new system and attaching it to your car. There are a wide range of exhaust systems to choose from and a range of components that you will need to purchase for each system. The most important component parts that you need to be aware of include:

  • The Headers – these work to collect the gasses that build up in the engine`s combustion chambers. They come in a range of shapes and sizes to fit many different systems.
  • The Downpipe – the purpose of the downpipe is to provide a link between the manifolds and the muffler.
  • The Catalytic Converter – Reducing the impact of harmful emissions is the job of the catalytic convertor. It takes the exhaust gas and converts it into water, carbon dioxide and oxygen and then expels it out into the air. A cat is a legal requirement, and so you must ensure that you have one installed.
  • The Muffler – when it comes to reducing noise, the muffler is important! It works to produce a sound that is not too noisy without reducing the efforts of the exhaust`s performance.
  • Crossover Pipes – these pipes work to provide a balances exhaust flow. The reason for this iso that you do not end up with a build-up in the system that reduces the performance when you are driving. Typically you can get X and H pipes to choose from.
  • The Tailpipe – this is the pipe that attaches to the muffler and is seen at the back of the car. You can get polished or chrome tips for the tailpipe to provide an aesthetically pleasing finish to your exhaust.

Why People Upgrade Their Exhaust

The main reason people upgrade their exhaust system is to increase engine power and performance. Standard issue exhausts are made with noise reduction in mind, and a result of getting the best noise reduction is a reduced flow of gas from the exhaust. This reduction in flow creates back pressure which takes away much of the power that the engine offers and results in a car that does not move as effectively as it potentially could.

Installing a performance exhaust from a company such as Powerflow Halifax means that you can take back some of the power that you have lost and improve the functionality of your engine. You can do this by upgrading the entire system or by changing specific component parts when you want to.

What About Noise?

One thing that you need to remember is that the less resistance in your system, the more noise that will be produced. In an ideal world you would be able to drive with no silencers to get the best flow to your engine but being able to drive a car in this condition is likely to cause you discomfort and make you very unpopular with neighbours and other road users!

If you are modifying your car for track purposes, then you will also need to be aware of the noise restrictions that are put in place for drivers. Your car will need to go through obligatory testing before it is allowed to run on the track and so you will need to balance the need for speed and performance with the noise levels produced. See this guide by Demon Tweaks for more info.

In summary, if you want to maximise the potential of your engine, then it makes sense to install an aftermarket exhaust system that will help to create an optimum flow for gases to be moved and converted. There is a wide range of systems available to purchase, and you will need to complete the right research so that you end up with the right system for your car.