Custom Made Hydraulic Scissor Lift Shoes!

When it comes to mechanics and their job in the garage, we can never know what kind of tools they might use. Every experienced mechanic, especially the ones who work in custom car garages, have a list of special tolls that need to be used. This kind of fancy equipment like lift shoes always makes the job bit easier.

Custom Made Hydraulic Scissor Lift Shoes 2

Automotive lifts are also a must in every car garage, but being able to move around the car and access all the angles and parts of the car and walk around freely is a dream come true.

That rolling around every ride on the ground can be tiresome after couple of hours. So this time some inventors has come up with an invention that will give a smile on the face of every mechanic.

In the video below you can check the YouTube video of Colin Furze with a the new idea of the real real set of new scissor lift shoes.

I know you could be skeptical that this invention can be practical in every situation, but the design by it self is something to be admired on.

However, these cool lift shoes might be a perfect tool for attempting to work on a car with a lift kit or even better for something like painting the car. Anyway we would like to try these on and give them a go in some garage.

Check out the video below and tell us what do you think.