Crushing Bentley GT In A Car Compactor!

It is very hard to watch this video with the crushing Bentley GT inside a car compactor somewhere in the USA.

Crushing Bentley GT In A Car Compactor 2

The vehicle was in a mint condition and it is really hard to imagine it is going to be crushed and even all the parts will be destroyed. We can only wonder what was the real reason. However, maybe this Bentley GT was a pre-production prototype or a test mule vehicle. In these cases all the car parts are not allowed to be sold on the market because of the insurance reasons.

So, when the car finished with it’s task it must be completely crushed, that’s how the big automotive brands are doing with all the pre-production cars. All the companies who are running this type of business of crushing cars into a car compactor, must supply evidence to the car manufacturer that the vehicle was completely destroyed and no parts from the vehicle was sold off. It is mostly because of the lawsuit and the safety.

However, we can not know what was the vehicle doing in the USA if was a test vehicle of some kind. Anyway it’s a big waste of a perfectly good luxury car. This is definitely very sad and it’s hard to watch.