Crazy & Funny Rat Rod at 2014 DUB SHOW MIAMI! MUST SEE!

If you love those (sometimes) weird looking but also incredibly inventive creations, an extreme custom made cars like the funny rat rod that you are about to see in the following video, than this one will really nail things the right way for you. It is one of those funny looking rat rods which makes heads turn and gravitates all curious eyes on it, with its unique charm and original looks.

As we all know well, rat rods like this are one of a kind vehicles, usually built and constructed from an old car components (which are mostly found on the junkyards) and transformed to a prefect replica of the early hot rods from the 40s, or it turns out to be a completely new hybrid that makes a perfect match of the old and classic style with the new and contemporary technology. And this one, on the video bellow, is all that.

Coming out of this year`s Rat Rod & Supercar Dub Show in Miami, it really is very beautiful, with every component well thought and perfectly matched into the entire project. I specially like how the interior was made real raw, with a hard steel chain for a wheel and those big seats and speakers that reminds you that you are sitting in totally unconventional car.

Unfortunately, we don`t have any info about the engine, so everything that we would say about it, it would be a wild guess. So just watch the funny rat rod video and tell me watch you think about it.

Anyway, have you ever attended the Miami Boat Show?

Enjoy the video below!

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