Crazy Camaro Burnout on Gumball 3000! Must See!

A burnout on a wet asphalt? Why not! This is maybe the best way to start a 2013 Gumball 3000 race. The owner of this crazy Camaro, Jens Byggmark spinning up the tires doing a Crazy Camaro Burnout before a “Twisted Defender” fires flares center, left and right. This way we have one special effect as a surprise! The smoke coming out from the wheels after the burnout is finished! What a sight! Now that is how you announce your stylish start!

Also, this kind of start suits a Camaro with such modifications which make the most of the look! The bumpers, the hood, the side skirts, the spoilers, the exhaust pipes, the paintjob make the look of this beast truly unique! Really an atmosphere that every car lover would like to be part of! Surely the race that follows won`t leave you nonchalant.

Finally, check out this insane custom Built 1967 Camaro on this link!

Crazy Camaro Burnout 3