A 1950 V8 Tow Truck “MATER” Performs The BEST BURNOUT EVER! Put Your GAS MASKS ON For This Awesome Tow Truck Burnout!

We have seen some pretty insane burnouts from the guys at Fullboost throughout the years. However, this one takes the whole burnout game to a totally different level! Have you seen the cute animated movie called CARS? Well, if you have, you will definitely remember of it right after you have pressed play. Why are we connecting an animated movie with a burnout?! It seems illogical but there is one thing in common. The tow truck in this video is made to look like a character from the movie. It is the old, shy tow truck Mater. Yeah, the guy who owns this 1950 V8 tow truck made a very convincing replica of Mater! However, in this video, Mater is far away from being shy. Of course, a vehicle can`t by shy if there is a V8 under the hood, like this one. That is why, it is the main star of the show, at the Syndey Dragway, creating the most smoke by a single vehicle you have ever seen. He is reducing those tires to shreds with this wicked tow truck burnout!

The name of the guy who owns this tow truck is Mark Gibbins. He built this tow truck a couple of years ago when he found an old six wheeler chassis! At first, he wanted to build a casual rat rod. However, people began to tell him that the tow truck looked like Mater from Cars! Because of that, he decided to go all the way! Thus, the real life Mater was born! Producing a wicked tow truck burnout that will give you an entirely different perception of the word BURNOUT!

There is no time for waiting, and Mater starts “producing” smoke right away! If there weren`t the yellow rotating lights we wouldn`t have been able to locate the truck at some points because it creates so much smoke! Moreover, the driver has everything under control while doing 180 degrees spins and continues to burn the tires without stopping until there are no tires left on the rims. What a burnout! A real tire carnage from this wicked tow truck burnout!

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