Would You Drive The Conquest Knight XV – A $700,000 Armored Car?

The Conquest Knight XV definitely has the potential to replace the Batmobile.

Drive Conquest Knight XV $700,000 Armored Car 3

However, with a $700,000 price tag you really have to be Gotham`s billionaire in order to afford one. This beasty vehicle is manufactured in Canada and CB`s Marivel Taruc had the exclusive opportunity to take this monster for a spin. This powerful vehicle is fully armored and completely handcrafted luxury civilian SUV. The chassis is based on a Ford F-550, however, here is where the similarities end. It`s biofuel-powered and it weighs around 6.6 tons. Meaning that it`s twice the weight of a Hummer. The engine that lurks under this bad boy delivers 326HP and 462 lb-ft of torque. The armor on this vehicle is definitely no joke as it can endure bullets from AK-47s.

In the video below you can see a glimpse of the sophisticated facility in Canada where the Conquest Knight XV is built. When they open the door of the vehicle, you`ll probably see the thickest door mounted on a vehicle ever. In the inside of the vehicle you can find Brazilian wood, luxury leather, Gaming consoles, and a retractable TV. What you get with the Conquest Knight XV is a military vehicle transformed into a luxury armored SUV made for civilian use. Not bad for $700,000, huh?

Being that much expensive is not the only reason you won`t find many of these beasts in the world. There are only 17 made and all of them are owned by Sheiks and business moguls. This reporter definitely had the experience of a lifetime driving this thing.

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