COLOR CHANGING PAINT! BMW, McLaren, Porsche, Audi, Lamborghini Changing CAR PAINT When Applied Water!

The world wonders are set long time ago! There are 7 world wonders in total and the list is closed, unfortunately! However, we would be very happy if the color changing paint from this video could make it to the big list! You might wonder how come something related to cars can be so exalted, but that`s only because you have not seen the video yet! Of course, we do not think that you have never seen or heard of these remarkable car paint jobs that change color when water is applied, but now you will see a great compilation made by DJ Vlader! The video is well produced, amazing soundtrack in the background and what`s even more important – AMAZING CARS!

Many big names from the automotive industry took part in this color changing paint experiment and all were successful! It is amazing to see a matte blue BMW X6 that hides some amazing stuff up its sleeve! As you apply water to it, you reveal the big angry INCREDIBLE HULK! Many other car discover heroes change car paint and so on. The same thing happened with the German autos BMW and Audi, while the Italians were not legging behind, Lamborghini and Porsche amazed us while the British beast McLaren put the cherry on top!

However, we probably own you an explanation how does this color changing paint work? Well, listen carefully. This would all be useless if it was not for the thermochromic paint. This magical component has elements in it that completely rely on thermochromism which allows a substance to change the car paint due to temperature changes!

The color changing paint stunned the world as it stunned us here at the office! Take a look at this marvelous invention that you are very likely to want to apply on your own vehicle. Enjoy it!

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