Cobra Shelby Replica Test Drive By Wheeler Dealers’ Host Mike Brewer! Gosh That Sound Is OUTSTANDING!

For those who have never heard of the show “Wheeler Dealers”, it is a British Show where they buy used cars, repair them and then sell them. In this video we have a Cobra Shelby or AC Cobra taken out for a test drive by Wheeler Dealers host, Mike Brewer.

This Cobra Shelby replica was made by the British manufacturer called Gardner Douglas.
Gardner Douglas cars are all hand crafted mostly oriented around the 60`s era. However, they are made to encompass all benefits of today`s advanced technology! All Gardner Douglas replicas have advanced chassis and engine developments. Their vehicles are frequently raced around Europe`s most challenging circuits!

And off we go with Mike Brewer to test the Cobra Shelby replica! We can hear the outstanding sound this Cobra produces right away. This Cobra Shelby replica has a 6.3 L V8 engine! When Mike Brewer steps on the pedal we can see his gigantic smile right away! He starts to scream in ecstasy and we can barely hear him because of that powerful V8 engine!

The Cobra Shelby is known for some very twitchy handling. However, this replica does marvelous handling performance. Also, they did an amazing job on the brakes as Mike Brewer demonstrates it. He says that the brakes give outstanding confidence to the driver. As he stands on the brakes, massive smoke comes out! This Cobra Shelby replica works well indeed. The gearbox of this replica works lovely as we can see Mark Brewer shifting gears with full confidence.

Up next we can see Mark Brewer doing some awesome donuts with the Cobra Shelby replica. Mark Brewer sure burns some serious rubber in this episode of Wheeler Dealers.

A very exciting test session indeed. Every car enthusiasts would surely love to give this car a go. It may not be a real Cobra Shelby but it sure is the best next thing.

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