Your Chance To Take A Closer Look At The Audi R18!

There are plenty of awesome cars that you can see these days. However, there is something special in just handful of them. Those perfect cars are something that we live for. Well, this is your rare chance to take a closer look at the one and only Audi R18. Most of you have probably never heard of it, but brace yourself; this is a true beast! Audi is known for making some exclusive cars, but this might top them all. The best part about it is that this is in fact a Le Mans car. Yes, one lucky professional racer will get the chance to compete in this beast. Plenty can be said about the design, so make sure to check out every detail. The video is really short, but it contains all the necessary and crucial aspects of the Audi R18.

audi r18 le mans car 1

Since this is a Le Mans car, it does not resemble your normal daily drive car. The design is more like a Formula car, but a step further. We must admit that all Le Mans cars look great, but this one is way better. The guys from Audi surely did put a lot of effort and time into designing the Audi R18. Every inch of it looks fantastic and seeing it on the track is really special. Even though there is not much information about its power train, we are sure that it is really powerful. In fact, Audi is not joking around whenever they have to manufacture something really fast and powerful. All of us cannot wait to see this monster in true action during the Le Mans race very soon. There is something really indulging and breath taking about this monster. Just look at those awesome wheels!

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