Cleaning Snow In Moscow! This Is How To Plow Snow Like You Really Mean It!

This truck is truly an amazing idea when it comes to cleaning snow! This cleaning snow truck picks the snow up instead of making huge piles on the side. There are over 15.500 of these fascinating trucks used on the Moscow streets for cleaning snow. And there thousands of employees to operate them.

This gorgeous truck for cleaning snow is nicknamed The Golden Hands. And in this footage we can exactly see how this amazing truck is cleaning snow. It uses a pincer for scooping the snow up before placing the snow in the trailer behind.

There are lots and lots of trucks like this and melting stations that are capable of managing 12.000 snow filled truckloads every day. But these babies are not used only for snow. They are very much capable of picking up sand, debris and grit that is in all that snow.

After the snow has been picked and placed in the truck`s trailer it`s off to the melting stations. In these melting stations the snow is being dumped and diced in a mincemeat style machine. Before the snow started being dumped into these melting stations, it was dumped in the rivers. But studies have shown that all kinds of chemicals in the snow are amongst the biggest polluters when it comes to waterways.

Now, the snow is being mixed with sewage at the melting stations. After this is done, it`s off to the treatment plant where the snow undergoes a process so all the chemicals and pollutants can be removed. After being treated, the snow can be dumped into the river.

And as Russia is known for its harsh snowy weather conditions, this truck will come in very handy for them.
Is this the coolest way of cleaning snow or what? We sure think it`s awesome!

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