Just Have A Look At Hubert Platt’s “Georgia Shaker” At 2016 SEMA SHOW! A CLASSIC FORD MUSTANG COBRA That’ll Take Your Breath Away!

Hello my dear Ford Mustang fans! During our visit at the most exciting car show in the world, that gives the unique opportunity for every Gearhead and a muscle car aficionado, to satisfy his biggest voyeuristic needs, we`ve had the pleasure to film some of the best rides at 2016 SEMA. Because, when it comes to watching and inspecting your favorite rides, there`s no other place like this, anywhere in the world!

`Cause no matter how many great Detroit muscles we had seen (and see on a daily basis), none of us had ever had another similar chance, to get face-to-face with all those rides that we usually watch in the videos, or read/write about them in the magazines, and so on.

And when it comes to us, we`re simply like little children when we see a classic Detroit muscle, transformed into a professional drag car! And that`s what the following vintage Ford Mustang Cobra, called “Georgia Shaker”, is. It belongs to a guy named Hubert Platt, who can be regularly seen at the drag strips.

We couldn`t find out about its specs, but the word around was that it`s `near 10-second car`. So, check out the video below, and let your imagination flow!

And for those of you who`re interested in seeing the other classic Detroit muscles from the 2016 SEMA show, click here.