Hello my fellow classic American muscle aficionados! Here we go with one of those video clips that are a real treat and a bulls-eye for all of us who enjoy watching some of the classic Detroit muscles in a drag strip action, facing off each other and giving us a good show… By reading the title of the article, you have become aware that this drag race clip would especially appeal to all those amongst you who have a special place in your heart (just like me), for the one and only Dodge Charger! And both of these examples are the kind that won`t leave you to remain indifferent, from the very moment you lay your eyes on them. The first one, who is actually at the focus of the entire clip, is a little bit strange Charger called General Mayhem, and it is a product of the guys from the Roadkill show (I`m not sure whether it is a `68 or a `69 model, we don`t have the exact info).

It sure looks mean and rusty, but it is pretty well prepared under the hood, powered by the well known HEMI V8 engine.

And on the other side of the lane, we have an example of the iconic 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona, a muscle legend for which I believe most of you know pretty much all there is to know about it!

So, all you got to do is to check out the following General Mayhem video and see how their early test run drag battle will end up, because I sure won`t be telling you any details about it, but will leave you to watch it and find out yourself!

And if some of you want to learn more about the iconic `69 Charger Daytona, click here.