Chip Foose Unveils 1943 Cadillac ELDOROD! First Drawn Car & Last Done For Boyd Coddington!

Whenever you think of famous car designers all over the world, one name in particular tends to stick out and be at the top all the time. Of course that we are talking about none other than Chip Foose himself, the man who over the years has created some absolutely amazing and unique vehicles, vehicles that are still very much remembered to this day. Some of you might know, but back in the days Chip Foose was working for another hot rod designer in Boyd Coddington and in this video he reveals a very special 1943 Cadillac ELDOROD.

Chip Foose Unveils 1943 Cadillac ELDOROD First Drawn Car Last Done For Boyd Coddington 2

The reason why we put these two aspects into one sentence is that they have a common past i.e. share the same history. Namely, the very same 1943 Cadillac that we see in this video was the last car to have ever come out from the Coddinton`s garage, and ironically enough, its first sketches were made by Chip Foose. In fact, Chip never got the chance to make the car look the exact way that he wanted to, but all of that was recently changed.

Namely, a friend of him purchased the car, thus enabling Chip to finish every little peculiar detail about it. The car is called the Eldorod and indeed looks absolutely stunning. It seems like they are at a car event somewhere hence there are many people gathered around the car. Once the cover was taken off, the car shone with its glorious beauty.

What do you think about the Eldorod?