Chinese Company Invented Futuristic Bus That Allows Cars To Drive Through It! Amazing Glance Into The Future!

Oh yeah, this is real! A company based in Beijing has created a real problem solver in the public transport! A futuristic bus that is able to float over traffic! It`s able to float over traffic thanks to its amazing stilts design! The concept of the bus is that it has two lanes on which it will straddle. This way, high above traffic, the cars will be allowed to drive right through! Along the road, there are special tracks laid on the sides on which this futuristic bus rides on!

The video that you are about to see below refers to this spectacular invention as a bus. But to us it looks more of a futuristic train really. The Chinese company that developed this concept reported some very fascinating information on the futuristic bus. The main advantage of this new way of public transport is the faster construction and the much lower cost than the rapid transit. This futuristic bus has a capacity of 1,400 passengers and it can travel at 37 mph!

This concept was demonstrated at the Beijing International High Tech Expo. At the convention, they showed this straddling futuristic bus in a scaled down version. But, the company also stated that a full size version is in the making! It`s going to be fully electric and tested this summer somewhere in the north side of China!

As you will see in the video below, this new transport looks like a bus that came straight out of a sci-fi movie!
However, this is not the first straddling bus concept. The first time a concept like this was demonstrated was back in 2010. It was demonstrated by a company based in Shenzhen called Huashi Future Parking Equipment Co. Meaning, this type of futuristic bus has come a long, long way!

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