Check Out This 1965 Chevy PickUp Twin Supercharged!

The amazing 1965 Chevy Pickup C10 truck produced in the middle of the 1960s is part of the caption contest. It may seem old, but it rolls perfectly. It is owned by a man who also owns a 1969 Camaro. The truck as we see it now, wasn’t like this at all. Looked like this vehicle was going to be sent junkyard. However, this muscle car enthusiast resurrected this truck from the 60s and now it attracts a lot of attention. Well of course it does.

Just look at it! The motor is Chevrolet 355, and size 6 superchargers. Yes in plural! Later on the owner explains how the superchargers and everything else in this machine is connected. Listen to this car surgeon carefully, you may learn a thing or two. Be patient, watch it till the end because there comes the show time!

At last, they call this one the Honey truck because thousands of bees have hidden inside the chassis!

1965 Chevy Pick Up Twin Supercharged