Here we go with another great vintage muscle monster, a typical representative of the golden era of American muscle car production from the late 60s and early 70s, one really sharp looking 1968 Stock Dodge Dart. And looking at this awesome Mopar example, I always remember the fact that when it first got out, the Dodge Dart was actually introduced as a regular family car, not as a high performance Detroit muscle. But now, when we are looking at it from this perspective, knowing a big part of its history and achievements, it seems kind of ironic.

And when it comes to this very example of Super 1968 Stock Dodge Dart, which is packing a 426 Race Hemi engine, we can say by all means that there is nothing `family` in this awesome vintage muscle. Unless, of course, they come up with the idea of organizing Family drag battles or something.

As you know it well, the 426 HEMI is one of the car motors that has left ineffaceable stamp in the entire automotive history. And according to the video info, this Dodge Dart is packing an original super stock HEMI motor and open headers, and it was filmed while heading to the 23rd Annual Muscle Car Classic Car Show, to get the Tom Karay Memorial Award.

So I think that it is clear that this is one truly great muscle beast that can do a lot of damage on the track, or the strip. Just watch the video and see it for yourself. And if you want to learn more about the legendary 426 HEMI, go to this link.