Mini Peterbilt Truck Remote Control RC wood transport 2

The Mini Peterbilt Truck is FULLY FUNCTIONAL!

This Mini Peterbilt Truck is ideal for heavy transport for things such as logs.

Are you a fan of mini vehicles? Do you enjoy watching them in action, especially if it is a truck of some sort? …

Impatient Truck Driver train runs road 4

Impatient Truck Driver Gets Taught A Lesson!

This impatient truck driver gets an instant karma on the road for not waiting for 2 more seconds… What a stupid mistake!

Another Russian situation right here. When a freight train passes, you don`t want to be …

SHERP ATV Vehicle Made in Russia 4


Have you ever though you can go literary everywhere, on various terrains, just by using one vehicle? It can sure be done using the SHERP ATV Vehicle.

This Russian made jeep is all you need if you …