Compilation AMAZING MiniTrucks 1

Compilation of AMAZING MiniTrucks!

Compilations of amazing videos on the internet are very common and we see them literary every day, which is why in the following video below we check out a compilation of some of the most amazing …

Calmest Military Vehicle Chevrolet Chevy Colorado ZH2 1

Take A Look At The Calmest Military Vehicle!

The military has always been striving towards modern and advanced technology and that is why the US army engineers have built the calmest Military Vehicle.

The future is here and it looks awesome! The vehicle is called …

Cummins Mini truck comeback goodwood festival 4400 hp 3

The Cummins Mini Made a Comeback with 4,400 BHP!

The Cummins Mini is something you might have heard of, but I wouldn`t count on it.

You see, it`s not your regular engine. Instead, this is a 95 liter (yes, you read that right!), 4400BHP engine which …

Mini Peterbilt Truck Remote Control RC wood transport 2

The Mini Peterbilt Truck is FULLY FUNCTIONAL!

This Mini Peterbilt Truck is ideal for heavy transport for things such as logs.

Are you a fan of mini vehicles? Do you enjoy watching them in action, especially if it is a truck of some sort? …