Carbon Fiber vs Steel vs. Chromoly vs. Aluminum Comparison!

Everyday people, it does not necessarily mean that they have to be scientists, do various test at their home to prove some theories and dilemmas that have been around for quite a while. Hereby, we all love taking a look at these tests, even though sometimes they do not prove anything at all, rather they just serve as a nice source for fun. Hereby, we take a look at this drop test in which a 111lb chisel point anvil is dropped from 15ft on different kinds of elements. It has been done purely to test the difference between them, and how durable or not the material actually is. Carbon Fiber vs Steel vs. Chromoly vs. Aluminum Comparison!

Carbon Fiber vs Steel vs Chromoly vs Aluminum Comparison 2

First of all we take a look at what this 111lb anvil does to chromoly steel. The base line is marked and then the depth in which the metal has been bent. Furthermore, we take a look the mild steel. As most of you had probably expected, this steel was easier to bend than the former one.

Aluminum follows next and it bends even further than both of the above. The drop test does not stop here and there is much more to see. We also take a look at the OEM steel main structure that holds up just merely better than the aluminum. If you want to see more and see which material was the least durable of them all, make sure to go through the whole video.

The results are utterly surprising! What do you think about the Carbon Fiber vs Steel vs. Chromoly vs. Aluminum Comparison?